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 The heavy rain of pebbles right on my head with ultra force and the effect of Drilling in ears is my ultimate feeling every time I tuned to Urgehal. There is no way you miss this band if you like Norwegian Black Metal, Nefas (R.I.P) vocal chords are fuming enough to pierce your ear lobes.

Urgehal started on 1992 in Hønefoss by Nefas and a fellow guitarist Enzifer, they remained loyal to their raw black metal sound all the way through their latest release Maatte Blodet Flomme, unlike the others who trash Black Metal in the name of commercial success, after 20 years of legendary and pioneering six full-length albums and a number of demos, EPs and splits, I must say death is complete to Nefas.

6 Full Lenghts and 2 Demos. 

Arma Christi (1997)
Massive Terrestrial Strike (1998)
Atomkinder (2001)
Through Thick Fog Till Death (2003)
Goatcraft Torment (2006)
Ikonoklast (2009)

Demos : Ferd (1994) and Rise of the Monument (1995)

EP’s :Demonrape (2005)
Satanisk Norsk Black Metal (2007
Death Is Complete (2011)
Maatte Blodet Flomme (2012)

Enzifer & Trondr Nefas (right)

Current Band Memebrs: 

Enzifer – guitar (1992–present)
Uruz – drums (1997–2008, 2010–present)
Mannevond – bass (2007–present)

Google for more information about Urgehal or youtube it.