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Not sure how do I start either by addressing them legends or the legacy behind the entire Black Metal subgenre or a band behind the creation of In League with Satan or A pioneers of my favourite metal music sub genre. In a nutshell Venom is behind all of that.

Most of us know from where the name Black Metal from, yes its from the Venom’s second album

 Formed : 1979
Genere(s): Early Extreme Metal

Venom started in 1979 from NewCastle. They are one of the finger counting British acts that I like with new stage names Archer became ‘Jesus Christ’, Lant ‘Mr. Cronos’, Bray ‘Tony Abaddon’, and Dunn ‘Jeff Mantas’. Back in early 80’s and late 70’s when every band wanted to be more and more heavier to start a new cult. I would say Venom layed foundation of being fucking heavy with Inhuman vocals and raw guitars, which influenced thousands of bands.

Venom’s sound  is influenced by  the bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Kiss, Queen, Deep Purple, Van Halen and Rolling Stones.
Band members are from Guillotine-Jeffrey Dunn and Dave Rutherford on guitars,
Oberon – Clive Archer and Dwarf Star. Dean Hewitt on bass guitar, Dave Blackman on vocals and Chris Mercaters on drums. In the late autumn of 1979 Conrad Lant from the bands Dwarf Star and Album Graecum replaced Dave Rutherford. Conrad Lant is behind Venom’s unnerving racket and the ‘Bulldozer Bass’.

Venom recorded a three song disc in 1980, featuring “Angel Dust”, “Raise the Dead”, and “Red Light Fever”. Soon afterward, six more tracks were recorded, with Lant taking vocal duties on the song “Live Like an Angel”. Archer soon left the band, and Venom’s line-up became a trio.


Venom’s recording debut was the 1981 single “In League with Satan”/”Live Like an Angel” which was released by Neat Records. Later that year they released their full-length debut, Welcome to Hell.

Venom’s music was faster, harsher than most heavy metal contemporaries and cudely recorded with Satanism and other dark topics had been featured in metal before, the subject had rarely been more prominent

The second album, Black Metal is the most important influence in the development of black metal, thrash metal, death metal, and other related styles that are often grouped under the extreme metal umbrella. Many defining elements of these genres are first found in the lyrics and song titles created by Lant and his unique singing style as well as the guitar work and solos performed by Dunn. Though they would later be cited as important, neither of Venom’s first two albums sold well upon their original release. And while many of their British metal peers had found measures of popular success or critical acclaim, Venom were still regarded by critics as “a trio of buffoons” who the fuck cares?

Venom recorded At War with Satan with an epic 20-minute title track, with substantial progressive rock influences and three-minute “scorchers” which Venom were known for.

They released their fourth album, Possessed, which was not as successful as previous albums. I guess Dunn couldn’t handle this commercially unsuccessful troop and quit the band to pursue a solo career.

Lyrical Inspirations: Their lyrics often featured Satanic references. When asked Lant quoted as saying that this celebration of evil subjects was inspired by the perceived need to out-do musicians like Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, who would ‘sing about evil things and dark figures.

Band had a few line up changes here and there but they reunited during the mid of 90’s headlining waldrock festival and recorded self titles EP Venom 96 with one new track and 4 recordings which rsulted in a record deal with SPV label and released Cast in Stone.

There after they released Ressurection having Lants Brother Antony Lant as replacement for Bray after his departure under the same SPV lable. Soon after Dunn left again and replaced by a returning Hickey. In late 2005, Venom released a career-spanning 4-disc box set MMV, which includes an exclusive mini-poster of the band’s seven-date tour of Europe with Metallica and a 60 page picture book, with interviews and pictures. The set includes all their best-known songs, along with rarities like live tracks, demos and outtakes. This lineup of the band released the Metal Black album.

Hickey left the group after a year and he was replaced by a guitarist calling himself Rage

This lineup released the record Hell in 2008. Antony Lant has since left the group to concentrate on his band DEF-CON-ONE. Lant has been replaced by drummer Danny “Dante”Needham.

Venoms new album Fallen Angels is almost set to release by the end of Nov 2011 or early Dec.

Its hard  for me to stand when I know I’ve something huge is coming my way. 




Current members

  • Conrad “Cronos” Lant – bass guitar, vocals (1979–1987, 1995–present)
  • La Rage – guitar (2007–present)
  • Danny “Dante”Needham– drums (2009–present)

Former members

  • Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn – guitar (1979–1986, 1989–2002)
  • Anthony “Abaddon” Bray – drums (1979–1999)
  • Clive “Jesus Christ” Archer – vocals (1979–1980)
  • Mike “Mykvs” Hickey – guitar (1986–1987, 2005–2007)
  • Jim Clare – guitar (1986–1987)
  • Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan – vocals, bass guitar (1989–1992)
  • Alastair “Big Al” Barnes – guitar (1989–1991)
  • Steve “War Maniac” White – guitar (1992)
  • Antony”Antton” Lant – drums (2000–2009)


Studio albums and EPs

  • Welcome to Hell (1981)
  • Black Metal (1982)
  • At War with Satan (1983) (Chart Position #64UK),(#48 SE)
  • Possessed (1985) (Chart Position #99UK)
  • Calm Before the Storm (1987)   
  • Prime Evil (1989)
  • Tear Your Soul Apart (EP) (1990)
  • Temples of Ice (1991)
  • The Waste Lands (1992)
  • Venom ’96 (EP) (1996)
  • Cast in Stone (1997)
  • Resurrection (2000)
  • Metal Black (2006)
  • Hell (2008)
  • Fallen Angels (scheduled for release in 2011)

Live Album – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik(1986)

Compilation albums

  • From Hell to the Unknown (1985)
  • The Singles 1980-1986 (1986)
  • The Book of Armageddon (Best of) (1992)
  • Skeletons In The Closet (1993)
  • Kissing the Beast (1993)
  • New, Live and Rare (1998)
  • Old New Borrowed & Blue (1999)
  • In League with Satan (2002)
  • MMV (Box set) (2005)

Official page:

Venom’s official Myspace :


My First ever like from French Dark scene, Blut aus Nord is a black metal band from Mondeville. This was introduced to me by my buddy, their musical style is described as the “sonic equivalent to Thorns injecting Streetcleaner-era Godflesh with an evil unpredictability”

Formed: 1994
Genere: Black Metal

Well! after listening to one of their track, I Couldn’t hold my self  without knowing more about Blut Aus Nord, In the early days this was a solo project by Vindsval in 1994 under the Name of “Vlad”,Vindsval is head of the underground French record label Appease Me, which is home to several extreme metal acts, in addition to Blut aus Nord.

Coming to their name, The name “Blut aus Nord” translates from German as “Blood from the North”, though the non-standard grammar suggests nautical jargon (a more standard phrasing would be “Blut aus (dem) Norden” or “Blut von Nord(en),” though cardinal directions are seldom used in spoken German to begin with).

Musical History:

Vlad released 2 demos under this name. After the rename of Vlad to Blut Aus Nord, they recorded 3 albums with guest memebers
They released a concept album The Work Which Transforms God which was most critically acclaimed release.In spite of being mostly instrumental with none of the lyrics made public, is meant to challenge the listener’s prejudices and preconceptions about reality and various metaphysical subjects.The album was named by Terrorizer Magazine as one of its top 10 albums of 2003. So far, Vindsval has only allowed the lyrics from one of Blut aus Nord’s full-length releases, Memoria Vetusta I, to be made public. According to journalist Avi Pitchon, “Blut Aus Nord are responsible, perhaps more so than any band, for the most recent evolution within black metal. 2003’s ‘The Work Which Transforms God’ introduced us to the warped, collapsing mutation of ‘black hole metal’; nowadays also called shoegazing BM.”
On their followup release, 2006’s MoRT, Blut aus Nord moved even further away from traditional black metal. The sound on MoRT is closer to avant-garde metal, comprising a mixture of dark and surreal noises and sounds that create a disturbing and bleak atmosphere.

Blut aus Nord’s 2007 album Odinist: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination (the subtitle being a quote from Aleister Crowley), was leaked to the Internet on September 10, 2007. While the album’s superficial sound is similar to that of MoRT, the album demonstrates a return to more traditional black metal songwriting and structure.

The sequel to Memoria Vetusta I, subtitled Dialogue with the Stars, was released in February 2009. In June 2010 they released a LP entitled “What Once Was…Liber I” on Debemur Morti Productions. They are currently scheduled to re-release The Mystical Beast of Rebellion in early 2011 thru Debemur Morti with an additional CD of newly recorded material meant to act as a complimentry work to the original.

Musical style

Vindsval, the vocalist and guitarist, Described their muic when asked “Blut Aus Nord is an artistic concept. We don’t need to belong to a specific category of people to exist. If black metal is just this subversive feeling and not a basic musical style, then Blut Aus Nord is a black metal act. But if we have to be compared to all these childish satanic clowns, please let us work outwards [from] this pathetic circus. This form of art deserves something else than these mediocre bands and their old music composed 10 years before by someone else”

 Current line-up

  • Vindsval – vocals, guitar (Also in: Children of Maani, The Eye)
  • W.D. Feld – drums, electronics, keyboards
  • GhÖst – bass guitar
  • Ogat – session bass on Ultima Thulee
  • Ira Aeterna – session bass on Fathers of the Icy Age
  • Taysiah – session vocals on The Work Which Transforms God
  • Nahaim – session guitar on The Work Which Transforms God

Session musicians

  • Ogat – session bass on Ultima Thulee
  • Ira Aeterna – session bass on Fathers of the Icy Age
  • Taysiah – session vocals on The Work Which Transforms God
  • Nahaim – session guitar on The Work Which Transforms God


Studio albums

  • Ultima Thulée (1995)
  • Memoria Vetusta I – Fathers of the Icy Age (1996)
  • The Mystical Beast of Rebellion (2001)
  • The Work Which Transforms God (2003)
  • MoRT (2006)
  • Odinist: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination (2007)
  • Memoria Vetusta II – Dialogue with the Stars (2009)
  • What Once Was… Liber I (2010)
  • 777 – Sect(s) (28 April 2011)
  • 777 – The Desanctification (September 2011) (expected)
  • 777 – Cosmosophy (November 2011) (expected)


  • Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity (2005)
  • Decorporation 10 (2004) – split with Reverence
  • Dissociated Human Junction (2007) – split with Bloodoline, Reverence, and Karras

Split releases

  • Decorporation 10 (2004) – split with Reverence
  • Dissociated Human Junction (2007) – split with Bloodoline, Reverence, and Karras

 Official Page:



Formed : 1999
Genre   : Ambient Black Metal
Representing Albums : DarkSpace I, DarkSpace II

Darkspace name refers to nothingness of the space.

Darkspace is an underground ambient black metal band from Bern, Switzerland, started in 1999 with 3 members with a pseudonym Wroth, Zhaaral and Zorgh describing the emptyness of the space.

They have a ambient surrounding, raw production and monotonous sounds. Mute guitar passages with blast beat take turns with milder passages and sometimes completely electronic passages, fitting a tribute to the cold and filling with the void like atmospheric effect.

Dark space has a great deal of influence from electronic music, eerie, ambient synthlines flowing from the guitars.
Passage with clear eclectronic clubkicks or total void like ambience are incorporated into vocal alongside the unnatural and alien sounding screams


Wroth – Guitar / Vocals (Paysage D’Hiver)

Zhaaral – Guitar / Vocals (Sun of the Blind)

Zorgh – Bass / Vocals
 2002 – Darkspace I demo
2003 – Darkspace I
2005 – Darkspace II
2008 – DarkSpace III
Official Myspace –

PerYngve Ohlin (January 16, 1969 – April 8, 1991), better known by his stage name Dead, was a Swedish black metal vocalist best known for his work with Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. He also performed as vocalist of the Swedish death metal band Morbid on their demo December Moon.


In interviews, fellow musicians often described Ohlin as a strange and introverted person. Fellow band member Hellhammer described Ohlin as “a very strange personality … depressed, melancholic, and dark.” Likewise, Mayhem guitarist Euronymous once stated “I honestly think Dead is mentally insane. Which other way can you describe a guy who does not eat in order to get starving wounds? Or who has a t-shirt with funeral announcements on it?

According to Emperor drummer Bård “Faust” Eithun:

“He (Dead) wasn’t a guy you could know very well. I think even the other guys in Mayhem didn’t know him very well. He was hard to get close to. I met him two weeks before he died. I’d met him maybe six to eight times, in all. He had lots of weird ideas. I remember Aarseth was talking about him and said he did not have any humour. He did, but it was very obscure. Honestly, I don’t think he was enjoying living in this world.”




For concerts, Ohlin went to great lengths to achieve the image and atmosphere he desired. From the beginning of his career he was known to wear “corpse paint”, which involved covering his face with black and white makeup. According to Necrobutcher, “It wasn’t anything to do with the way Kiss and Alice Cooper used makeup. Dead actually wanted to look like a corpse. He didn’t do it to look cool.” Additionally, Hellhammer claimed that Ohlin “was the first black metal musician to use corpse paint.”

In order to complete his corpse-like image, Ohlin would bury his clothes before a concert and dig them up again to wear on the night of the event. According to Hellhammer:

Before the shows, Dead used to bury his clothes into the ground so that they could start to rot and get that “grave” scent. He was a “corpse” on a stage. Once he even asked us to bury him in the ground – he wanted his skin to become pale.

During one tour with Mayhem he found a dead crow, which he collected and stored in a plastic bag. He often carried it around with him and would smell the bird before performing, in order to sing “with the stench of death in his nostrils.”


At some point in 1990, the members of Mayhem moved to “an old house in the forest” near Oslo called Kråkstad Hellhammer claimed that Ohlin “just sat in his room and became more and more depressed” and that there was a lot of arguing between Ohlin and Aarseth.

On 8 April 1991, Ohlin committed suicide in the house owned by the band. He was found by Aarseth with slit wrists and a shotgun wound to the head. The shotgun was allegedly owned by Aarseth. Ohlin’s suicide note read “Excuse all the blood” and included an apology for firing the weapon indoors. Instead of calling the police, Aarseth went to a nearby store and bought a disposable camera to photograph the corpse, after re-arranging some items. Necrobutcher claimed that “I think Øystein was shocked by Dead’s suicide, and taking the photographs was the only way he could cope with it.” One of these photographs was later used as the cover of a bootleg live album entitled Dawn of the Black Hearts (posted above).

Eventually, rumours surfaced that Aarseth made a stew with pieces of Ohlin’s brain, and made necklaces with fragments of Ohlin’s skull. The band later confirmed that the second rumour was true. Additionally, Aarseth claimed to have given these necklaces to musicians he deemed worthy. Necrobutcher noted that “people became more aware of the (black metal) scene after Dead had shot himself … I think it was Dead’s suicide that really changed the scene.”


Morbid Rehearsal
December Moon
Dawn of the Black Hearts
Live in Leipzig
Freezing Moon/Carnage
Out from the Dark

Dead also makes a brief appearance in the Candlemass music video “Bewitched”.