514 replied to RSVP saying I’m attending Undergrind 2012 and just 200 turned up (A ballparkish count). Where did the rest of 300 Metalheads go? “Yikes” Let me re-phrase it where the hell those knuckleheads go? I’m sure saying ‘Yes’ to RSVP gives them an erection along with few threads on their wall “Dude you’re so cool” “You guys are lucky” blah blah blah. “Show cancelled it seems” was the new excuse I heard this time. You either getchya ass down to the event or just say I’m not attending or say” I don’t have a dog in that hunt” which makes more sense than keeping the organizer on a high hope I know they don’t expect such losers.

Well, as expected all the bands were just kick ass. Agnostic impressed me enough to buy their record and oh my god AU (Anorectal Ulceration) vocalist was astounding, those gore screams and squeals just blew me off. Other acts like Bad taste, Jugga were very well suited for the gig; Perforated Limb (PL) headed the stage during my wait to see Worm Rot. I’m bad at remembering names but when Rajiv (will never be erased) took a centre stage, I was like ‘who is this kid?’ But trust me there were no confusion or whatever in me when PL was setting up the stage, I knew if PL is playing just before the headliners they earned it and they sure did, every limb was perforated. Then the Headliners engaged the arena to cease the 2012 Undergrind and it’s quite unusual to see bands with such great companionship (except the local ones), every worm was rotten as sick as it can be.

Live Pics coming soon..


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